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Innovation 101

Markus Schmucki 0

Open Eyes. Listen.

What does it say about the following cartoon image?

We all lead complicated and time-consuming lives. If you are bored 20 years ago you may have had the joy of going to the library and getting a good book. Watching football on the TV and yelling at the bad plays. You would be at work dealing with ’emails’ and your ‘assignments’.

Present-day with video streamed from everywhere about anything and a lot that is just entertainment. You can stream from Netflix, Amazon, YouTube forever or until you are tired on that day and go to sleep. We need to take a deep breath and see how we can do things smarter? You have heard from the text “Don’t work harder. Work smarter.” The way that you can start is by opening your eyes and listen to alternative ways to solving problems. Just like the calculator changed my life in high school despite having to figure out math problems manually with scratch paper. The college experience expected the use of the calculator as it applies to the real world job. The invention of the smartphone took applications to a new level where they were always accessible. That document. The contact # all integrated into one device. More on this in a future note… for now — Listen to options presented and stop telling the salespeople you are too busy to hear it.