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Third-Party Science

Markus Schmucki 0

Do you inventory ALL external relationships with your business? These are noted as third-party relationships or according to the Office of Comptroller of Currency (OCC) anyone that has a nexus…

Bitcoin Blockchain & XMS Part 2

Markus Schmucki 0

Bitcoin, Blockchain & XMS by MereSecureĀ® Author: Markus B. Schmucki Reprinted from EBA Journal January 2018 Edition pages 30-33 “It seems that daily there are internet articles being written with…

What product did Mere Secure come up with?

Markus Schmucki 0

  Hi earthling. We at MereSecure have wanted to put our product solution in an animated cartoon capsule message for many months. We have finally completed it. In 1 minute…

Innovation 101

Markus Schmucki 0

Open Eyes. Listen. What does it say about the following cartoon image? We all lead complicated and time-consuming lives. If you are bored 20 years ago you may have had…