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Twelve Quick Tips to Utilize in 2019

Markus Schmucki 0

#1: Wet your fingers to open those pesky grocery produce bags… use the moisture from the wet produce section. (Like the leaves on carrots).

#2: If you don’t feel well with breakfast, have the eggs and leave out the meat and juice. The sugar and fat may be too much for your empty AM stomach.

#3: Always ask for salad dressing on the side at the restaurant. Use less by dipping your fork each time in the dressing and taking the salad each in bites. You will find the side of ranch is nearly full at the end and you will not have felt slighted. Too much is too much calories, sugar, gluten, and fat. 

#4: Try to get to bed before midnight. Your organs detox apparently on a schedule more happily.

#5: If you go to bed at 11pm and wake up at 7a you will have a good sleep of 8 hours that will feel like 9 hours. Every hour before midnight after 8p counts as double. Try it.

#6: Low air in your tires? Avoid the gas station for that unmetered fillup of air and maybe a $.25 per minute fill. Buy a combo jump starter for your car battery and has a built-in air compressor. Costs like $70 at the auto parts store, rechargeable, portable for your longer trips! Love that tool!

#7: Beware of garage door opener lights. I replaced mine with super economical LED bulbs, bright but apparently interfered with the frequency of the garage door remote openers. Use less distance between the remotes. After many weeks and batteries and wondering… switched back to incandescent classic bulbs. Problem fixed. 

#8: Do you use an external USB attached disk drive to back up your files? The lifespan of those is 1 year to 2 years. Most will break, disconnect. Check your files weekly for any automated setup that failed on those. Or invest in an encrypted cloud solution. Or get a more expensive local network attached storage device for a $400 but note the 5-year warranty and ease of it. Synology or WD MyCloud are good. Losing files to ransomware, viruses and overwrites — have a solution that protects your files.

#9: Try to charge your cell phone or laptop only when your battery is below 40%. Lithium batteries have a maximum cycle of 1,000 charges. You plug in 3x a day for convenience? You will shorten the lifespan of your battery and it will need to be replaced due to deficient full charges. (It will charge to 100 but draw down very fast)

#10: Dry your shower with a micro-fiber towel or two or three. They absorb and will avoid leaving those pesky water spots. Smaller towels will dry faster so I have 3 small ones draped over the glass at the top to dry. 

#11: Two ingredients cause inflammation. Gluten and Sugar. Minimize those and you will have a better weight and more energy naturally.

#12: If you are hungry between lunch and dinner: take 3 gluten-free crackers and a heaped teaspoon of peanut butter. If you can’t have PB then try with nuts.

With the New Year among us now a perfect time to change up your eating habits. Less portion, better whole foods, lots of veggies!

Happy 2019!