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Bitcoin Blockchain & XMS Part 2

Markus Schmucki 0

Bitcoin, Blockchain & XMS by MereSecure®
Markus B. Schmucki

Reprinted from EBA Journal January 2018 Edition pages 30-33

"It seems that daily there are internet articles being written with respect to crypto digital currencies taking hold of extension into the global markets. More specifically “BITCOIN” established in 2009 has had a tumultuous ride since last year with a price per bitcoin hitting an alltime high in the last four weeks. On October 30th, 2017 it was hovering at $6,169 USD according to Coindesk. com. It is listed by the symbol BTC/USD.

What is all the hubbub about this digital currency. We will first dive into some of those reports. In addition, we will identify the underlying technology that is used and how it may be useful in several other spaces including the Environmental Banking space. Finally, we will explain how implementing blockchain directs another use for due diligence with an example product called XMS by MereSecure® that can help companies manage the information needed from their third-party contractors, clients and customers.