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Posts published by “Markus Schmucki”

Markus Schmucki is the Founder, CEO & President at MereSecure Inc. a company focused on a software product called XMS. The platform helps organizations send documents and forms with clients, consultants, customers, sales prospects, vendors and suppliers. Markus previously was a co-founder of ExactBid for 15 years. His prior roles included VP Engineering, VP Product Development, VP Operations and Professional Services along with Chief Information Security Officer. He has experience in software engineering design, database design and in various information technology roles. He volunteers at non-profits helping with technology decisions. Markus has a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering degree from San Jose State University. He has resided in California for more than 30 years.

Third-Party Science

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Do you inventory ALL external relationships with your business? These are noted as third-party relationships or according to the Office of Comptroller of Currency (OCC) anyone that has a nexus…

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

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Have you ever thought about your daily routine and what is happening pretty much the same daily, weekly, monthly or yearly? Let’s examine a few: Yearly During my childhood, we…

Automate Your Lights – Tip

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AUTOMATION LIGHTS Invest in some automation controls for turning on and off lights automatically. In recent years, you had to implement an alarm system and pay $50/mo for services, or…

Bitcoin Blockchain & XMS Part 2

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Bitcoin, Blockchain & XMS by MereSecureĀ® Author: Markus B. Schmucki Reprinted from EBA Journal January 2018 Edition pages 30-33 “It seems that daily there are internet articles being written with…

What product did Mere Secure come up with?

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  Hi earthling. We at MereSecure have wanted to put our product solution in an animated cartoon capsule message for many months. We have finally completed it. In 1 minute…

Opened Detection – Tip

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Many of you may realize that an email that you are seeing has a measure of when it was opened or clicked of a link within. The logic is generally…

Innovation 101

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Open Eyes. Listen. What does it say about the following cartoon image? We all lead complicated and time-consuming lives. If you are bored 20 years ago you may have had…