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Automate Your Lights – Tip

Markus Schmucki 0


Invest in some automation controls for turning on and off lights automatically. In recent years, you had to implement an alarm system and pay $50/mo for services, or a standalone individual manual timer system.

As of 2017,  we still recommend the TP-LINK branded smart devices as they are managed using a KASA smartphone application for switches, outlets, lamps, devices, camera video and no central hub required. It all uses your home wireless network.  The devices are as little as $30 and are offered as compact. The subscription per month for a few days of video is free, and the on-off scheduling of lights is included for free.

Super simple to use. Simple to configure.

The schedule can include random, pre-set schedules. The cameras you add on can be setup with trigger masks to alert with motion. Very practical solution and leverages your own network for communication.